David Gibson

College Advising, LLC

"A partnership
between the student, 
their parents and
their college advisor
is critical to success 
in the 
college admissions 

College Advising Nationally 

Applying to college can be a daunting task.  David Gibson College Advising, LLC is the best way to minimize the stress in the college admissions process and maximize a student's opportunities to meet this challenge.  David Gibson, College Advisor, a notable and highly skilled advisor with more than 30 years of experience in college admissions, is the best way to eliminate stress and achieve success.

Financial Aid Assistance

Mr. Gibson assists students in identifying and selecting colleges and universities best suited to them.  He encourages high school students and their families to begin this process as soon as possible. He also provides financial aid assistance
   To assist high school students in choosing their college or university;
   To identify student's talents, skills, interests and goals;
   To help in completing application to those colleges and universities;
   To research and identify scholarships and to apply for scholarships and grants
    To offer students the best opportunities to achieve success
D.R.Gibson  College Advising
D.R. Gibson, Sr. Consultant
Services Offered Include 

Evaluating student strengths 
     and vulnerabilities;
Researching colleges and universities; 
Preparing for SAT and ACT testing;
Assisting in planning calendar milestones; 
Meeting college and university application
     due dates; 
Assisting in applying for financial aid assistance 
     and scholarship programs;
Filing appropriate forms in a timely fashion.