D. R. Gibson

College Advising

Listed is a sampling of recent college acceptances earned by Mr. Gibson's students.
American University
Harvard University
Bates College, ME
Clemson University
Wake Forest Univ.
Coll of Charleston 
Bucknell University
Coll of Holy Cross
Coll of W& Mary
Dartmouth College
Yale University
Fairfield Univ, CT
Villanova University
Skidmore Coll, NY
Cornell University
Gettysburg College
Univ of Southern Cal.
Hawaii Pacific Univ
Princeton University
Univ of  Pennsylvania
US Naval Academy
US Military Academy 
US Air Force
US Merchant Marine
John Carroll Univ
Vanderbilt University
Pepperdine Univ CA
Lehigh Univ, PA
U of Miami, FL
Johns Hopkins Univ
University of Georgia
U. of NC Chapel Hill
Loyola Univ  MD
Boston University
ME Maritime Acad
Mass Inst of Tech
GA Institute of Tech
Florida State Univ
Pennsylvania State U
Virginia Tech
Tulane University
Rutgers University
Providence College
Georgetown Univ
Univ of Notre Dame
Univ of San Diego
Savannah College of 
    Art and Design
Ge Washington U
Univ of Alabama
Univ of Arizona 
The Ohio State Univ
Univ of Virginia
Boston College
University of Florida
Univ of Richmond
Univ of St. Andrew's,  Scotland

College Help

Client Endorsements

Following are comments from former and present clients describing their experiences and outcomes after engaging the College Admission Assistance services of  David Gibson College Advising, LLC
"Mr. Gibson worked with three of our children and we can't speak highly enough of his services!  The assistance and advice he gave to them, we had not heard from any other college advisor.  He is organized, has multiple resources, and understands what is the best strategy for each individual child.  His past experiences on the college admission side was of immeasurable value, allowing him to be a strong advocate for our children to their respective college admission boards.  Our three children attended or are currently attending Duke University, St. Joseph's University and George Washington University."
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas Kurowski
"What a nice meeting my daughter and I had with you yesterday.  I so appreciated the time you spent with us explaining so many of the different aspects of the college application process.  It was so great to hear that two of her top choices had a rolling admission and so many have early action as well.  She is more motivated now as well to get ready for the SAT and the ACT which will be coming swiftly in the new "year." 
Daryl W.
"You made the college search and application process so much easier with your meetings, emails, recommendations, reminders, follow-ups and so on!  Again, THANK YOU for everything - we really appreciate you!"
Mike, Sheryl and Christine H.
"You do an amazing job with all this stuff!
Because of you, Erin has a plan for college visits (and has done a number ); and applications and knows what she needs to do to maximize her chances of admission.  Phil and I are very happy not to have to worry about how to get Erin ready to apply to college."
Sue B. 
"...as I come to an end in the college application process, I am reminded of how impossible and complicated it would have been without your help!
Mr. Gibson, your help and guidance have been invaluable.  I can't imagine having to go through this without you, being just an email or phone call away!I   We want to let everyone know...
We...are so lucky to have someone like you in our corner! Not only are you kind and patient but your knowledge is priceless.  I know the time and organization it must take to do what you do and I am here to say,  I am incredibly grateful."
Kary L.
Mr. Gibson
I'm really looking forward to the Naval Academy Prep School.  I've got 10 months to prepare for the adventure of a my lifetime.  No doubt my acceptance to NAPS was the culmination of many factors, your contribution as my college advisor was very important.
Darren P. 
Dear Dave, 
Thank you so much for your kindness and compassion for your parents and students.  We could not have gotten through this move and Joe's college application process without your advice and actions to get things done! 
Laura Z.
Dear Mr. Gibson,
The day before Christmas Day, I happily received two college acceptance letters.  The first one was from Randolph-Macon College in Virginia...which also gave me the Dean's Scholarship of $13,000 per year....I received an acceptance letter from Maine Maritime Academy in Castine, Maine.  I am looking forward to hearing from the rest of the colleges, including the US Naval Academy and Navy ROTC programs by March at the latest.  Thank you again for the three great years...I will always remember you, and appreciate your support during my senior year more than you know.
Joe Z.

College Admissions Assistance

Successful college help and college counseling 
should begin in the sophomore or junior year of high school. 
College admission is not a senior year activity!