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"Through his company,
Mr. Gibson has met with university admission deans and directors for thirty years thus allowing him to know many on a personal level."

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College Admission Help Annapolis

I am pleased to offer you an overview of my services as a College Advisor. When I work with a client, I attempt to structure my work based on what the student’s individual needs might be and proceed with College Admission Help


If the student is new to me, I offer a first meeting, of untimed length.  At this meeting, we develop a strategy, a list of colleges and universities that may meet the student’s plans, as well as a calendar of testing schedules and events. I address all of the milestones which will be occurring until the student’s graduation.  That meeting is unlimited in time but generally lasts two to three hours.  It is complete and comprehensive.  The student has a complete individual plan in hand.  The student's parents must be included in this meeting.  Quite frankly, some families find that single meeting meets all of their needs.  I charge a flat fee for this first meeting for College Admission Help.


For any additional meetings a family may need, an hourly charge would apply.  Those additional meetings could and do cover areas such as interviewing, campus visitation, selecting prospective majors based on the selected colleges, college application help, identifying the important admission officers, resume preparation. essay review, applying on-line, managing the application following submission, applying for scholarships and grants, the financial aid process, and verifying all applications materials are in place, just to name a few of the additional aspects a family should consider.  


College Application Help Annapolis


I will divide colleges into three categories: "Reach" (less than 50% chance of admission); "Realistic" (a 50%/50% chance of admission); and "Safe" (greater than 50% chance of admission).  This division does not guarantee admission to any college, but does provide a clearer estimate of the student's competitive standing.  I am also happy to write letters of support for the college application, as well as contacting my colleagues in admission offices in support of the student’s college application.


All students will be given a Naviance on-line admission account.  This personal account is a powerful tool used to conduct research on each college of interest.  The account is also used to improve communication between the student, the parents and me.


My rate structure allows the family to be in complete control of costs.  It avoids a flat contract which generally, in my opinion, is not the best option for the family.

If you feel my College Admissions Help and College Application Help  would be appropriate to your needs, please contact me.